PRC Alumni

Matthew Shoenfield

Matthew was the founder and former glorious leader of the illustrious PRC. Right now though, Matthew is in time out.


Andy Curtain

After his recent divorce from Bindi Irwin, Comrade Curtain joined the PRC ranks in an attempt to maintain control within the Party. With the speed of a koala, this cunning linguist has overcome rumours of audience touching, and is ready to put the Emo back in Emotional Rollercoaster!!

Joe Anhalt



Edd Daggers

Edd Daggers was born in London, and is the son of two professional musicians. Despite trying to escape his parents shadow, he still ended up in the music business, and now teaches classical piano here in Shanghai. Edd has been honing his improv piano skills since 2009, and has performed alongside such groups as the Chicago Improv All-Stars.  He is the Musical Director for the People’s Republic of Comedy and can segue from ragtime to reggae faster than you can say “Dodgy Uncle.”   When he’s not teaching and performing piano, Edd enjoys cage fighting and performing magic (I’m not making this up). He hopes to one day combine playing music, bashing people’s brains out and pulling rabbits from hats into one all-encompassing performance.

Stephanie “Sproffee” Rice

Sproffee was hatched in 1986 after a bottle of Sprite had a questionable affair with a mug of coffee. She made and lost millions in a dot com scheme to get people to pay for bottled air. Sproffee later kayaked to Shanghai (as per Google maps) to try and make it as an improv performer as well as mold the minds of the young. After a brief and shining career on the stage, Sproffee was recruited into the CIA’s elite knitting division and disappeared into a world of intrigue and needlework.  In the future she hopes to pursue her dream of becoming a rodeo clown.

Laura Caughlin

Born in Herfordshire, England to a Malaysian Mother and Welsh Father, Laura had a strong urge to entertain from an early age. Her tomboy attitude and cheeky demeanor worried her grandmother which in turn ensured her position in speech and drama lessons (politely known as ‘etiquette’ lessons and crudely known as ‘please teach my Granddaughter not to pick her teeth at the dinner table’ lessons). The attempt for laaady-hood began at aged 7 only strengthening her need to perform more outrageously and jet setting her around the globe to Shanghai’s shining lights to meet like minded misfits. Aside from the People’s Republic of Comedy,  Laura’s artistic credits include, East West Theatre’s production of Neil Lebute’s ‘The Shape of Things’ and more recently China Town’s production of Noel Coward’s ‘Blithe Spirit.’ She looks forward to laughing ‘with’ each and every one of you.

Laurie Padgett

Laurie retired to a convent in the Alps to pursue a life of holy study.

Liz Anhalt

Elizabeth (Liz) was born in the United States of America in the thriving metropolis of Normal, Illinois in either January of 1985 or December of 1940; we are not quite sure on the exact year. After living in a college town for 20 years, involving herself in every sort of theatrical performance known to a thesbian, she decided to make the jump to the big city for a game changing move: a Marketing degree at Columbia College, Chicago.  Upon graduation, the very thought of becoming a responsible adult by entering the working world frightened her, and she took to traveling the world; tea with the Queen in England, building orphanages in Kenya, sold out performances at the Sydney Opera House, fashion shoes in Italy… Canada.  Eventually, she ending up in the “medium sized city” of 8 million people – Guangzhou, China where she was meant to spend only a year.  However, she was slapped in the face with love by a young and dashingly handsome Lord from Cambridge, England.  To keep their love alive – and for legal reasons – they then moved to Shanghai, where Liz now continues her dream of becoming a true princess, working for Disney.

David Warner

David Warner died in the year 2005 during the Great War between David and David. David was later resurrected in 3 AD (after death) and David went on to become the great David that we have all read so much about. Few know that he was an avowed actor and spent much of his time cavorting on the stage and making merry while his countrymen watched and laughed and smoke and swore. David once said that theater is like a plum in a bed of daffodils with a duck or two and maybe a circus elephant. He is fond of his fellow actors but will probably not make out with any of them tonight..